Postgraduate Courses

Research Degrees: MSc(R), DEng, DPhil

The MSc(R) degree requires a minimum of three terms residence and the DPhil degree a minimum of six terms residence. Usually it takes six and nine terms respectively to complete these degrees and fees are payable for these periods unless the thesis is submitted earlier. Candidates for these degrees are usually admitted to the Department to carry out research in topics of interest to the existing members of staff.

When indicating your chosen area of research, please try to list as many specific topics as you can rather than broad areas, e.g. opto-electronics and liquid crystal technology rather than just electrical engineering.

If you are interested in contacting the Department prior to submitting your application, for example when seeking a potential supervisor, please ensure that you have visited the Engineering Science website and have researched our specialisms and those of your potential supervisor(s). Once you have done this, you can either contact the academic staff member directly for information on specific projects, or route your enquiry via

Apply for our Graduate Courses through the University of Oxford website.