Get Involved

We trust you have many happy memories of your time at Oxford. Like many Oxford Engineering alumni, you may wish to keep in touch with your fellow alumni and to get up to date with Oxford’s current engineering activities, and maybe contribute to them yourself. If so – please get involved! There are many ways open to you.

Keep in touchKeep in touch

Keep in touch with friends and former colleagues from the University of  Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science.


Send us short items of news likely to interest other Oxford Engineering Alumni, for inclusion on the News page of this website. Submit text and graphics via .

Social media

Join our LinkedIn group – currently over 600 members and growing. Contact the group manager .

Alumni Weekend

The annual Meeting Minds: Alumni Weekend in Oxford  always has a strong Engineering component, featuring several events. The highlight is the annual Jenkin Lecture – where speakers are alumni or current members of the Department of Engineering Science. Do join us at the next Alumni Weekend on Saturday 15 September 2018.

The 2017 Jenkin Lecture was given by Professor Ekaterina Shamonina (Wadham) on 'Metamaterials: beyond conventional'. The 2016 lecture was The Jenkin Lecture “Engineering Tomorrow's Therapies” given by Professor Constantin Coussios (Magdalen), Professor of Biomedical Engineering.

Other events around the world, including the Alumni Weekends in Europe, North America and Asia, are also designed to keep you in touch with fellow alumni and the latest research and news from the University.

Help our studentsHelp current students

The Department continually strives to give Oxford engineering students the best possible experience while at Oxford. Could you help to enrich this even further?

Offer student placements or internships

Act as a mentor to engineering students

Students often welcome advice from engineering alumni who have studied and graduated at Oxford, and are now in the ‘real world’ of employment. Could you spare a little time occasionally, to offer the benefit of your experience to a student seeking advice? Contact  if so. We especially welcome offers from female former students, as Oxford has a growing number of female student engineers. Consider joining the University’s ‘Oxford Careers Network’.

Help the student Engineering Society

The students run a thriving Engineering Society within the University. They are always keen to hear of offers of potentially exciting talks or site visits of engineering interest. If you or your company have something special to offer, please get in touch. Contact .

Work with the DepartmentWork with the Department of Engineering Science

Collaborate in research

The Department is active in many areas of engineering research. Much of this is carried out in collaboration with industry. Does your company have R&D needs where research input from the Department would be helpful? If you think this may be the case, do get in touch. Contact (Associate Head of Department (Equality and Research)).

Seek research facilities or expertise

The Department is home to some outstanding resources of engineering expertise and equipment, which can be accessed by external users on appropriate terms. If you or your company have needs of this type, the Department may be able to help. Contact in the first instance.

Help with secondary school outreach

There are many ways to help with inspiring potential engineering students. Some examples include visiting schools and speaking at Oxford-hosted outreach events like UNIQ, Headstart and Dragonfly. If you can spare a little of your time to speak about how great engineering is, or if you have other outreach ideas, contact .

Help with fundraising

The Department has ambitious plans for the future, and is seeking funds to help realise them. For example, a current priority is increasing the funds available for graduate studentships to support doctorates in engineering. If you feel able to help in this way, contact the .