Xingya Feng BEng PhD

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

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Dr Xingya Feng obtained his BEng in Hydraulic Engineering (Honoured program) from the Hohai Unviersity, China in 2011. He took his PhD study in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS) between 2011-2016 with the research topic 'Hydrodynamic analysis of wave interaction with marine multi-body systems'.

Upon graduation he continued his research as a research fellow in NUS in 2016. He then joined the industry and worked for the classification society Bureau Veritas (Singapore) as a R&D Engineer in 2017. Xingya joined the Environmental Fluid Mechanics group at the University of Oxford in early 2018.


Awards and Achievements

Outstanding Young Researcher Award, 27th KKHTCNN conference on Civil Engineering, 2014

Research Interests

Xingya's research focuses on hydrodynamic analysis of wave-structure interactions. His work includes study of nonlinear water waves and their interactions with offshore structures, development of potential-flow based numerical models for free surface flows, and harmonic analysis of higher-order nonlinear wave loads.

His research interests include environmental fluid mechanics, offshore and coastal engineering, marine hydrodynamics, wave statistics and offshore renewable energy.

Current Projects

UK-China Offshore Renewable Energy project ‘Extreme Wave Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines’

Selected Publications

  • X. Feng, X.B. Chen, F. Dias. 2018, A potential flow model with viscous dissipation based on a modified boundary element method. Engineering Analysis with Boundary Ele- ments. Vol. 97,, pp1-15.
  • X. Feng, W. Bai, X.B. Chen, L. Qian, Z. Ma, 2018, Numerical investigation of viscous effects on the gap resonance between side-by-side barges. Ocean Engineering, Vol. 145,, pp44-58.
  • X. Feng, W. Bai, 2017, Hydrodynamic analysis of marine multibody systems by a nonlinear coupled model. Journal of Fluids and Structures, Vol. 70, pp72-101.
  • X. Feng, W. Bai, 2015, Wave resonances in a narrow gap between two barges using fully nonlinear numerical simulation. Applied Ocean Research. Vol. 50, pp119-129.
  • W. Bai, X. Feng, R. Eatock Taylor, K.K. Ang, 2014, Fully nonlinear analysis of near- trapping phenomenon around an array of cylinders. Applied Ocean Research. Vol. 44, pp71-81.