Julian Dye

Departmental Lecturer in Biochemical/Bioprocessing

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Julian graduated in Biochemistry at St Anne’s College, Oxford and joined the Surgical Unit, St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, Paddington as a research biochemist MLSO in 1984. He then moved to Dept Anatomy & Cell Biology, Imperial College School of Medicine to do his PhD in endothelial cell biology, and followed this with a joint post-doctoral project with St Mary's Hospital Medical School, Manchester, working on pre-eclampsia.

He then moved to The RAFT Institute, finally being Director of Research. Here he established a research programme to develop a new approach to skin reconstruction, inventing an artificial skin material called ‘Smart Matrix’, a pro-angiogenic synthetic dermal replacement. He developed this into a clinical product and translated the manufacture to clinical clean rooms, for clinical trial in reconstruction of surgical excision wounds. This involved setting up a start-up company for which he was CSA during the incubating stage, from 2011-13. The product is now in commercialisation.

Julian moved into academia with a Lecturer (fixed term post) at the Open University, and joined the Institute of BioMedical Engineering in 2016. He now leads a group developing Bio-Intelligent Biomaterial Scaffolds and clinically relevant and cost-economic biomaterial manufacture processes.

Research Interests

  • Bio-intelligent scaffolds
  • Tissue reconstruction
  • Angiogenesis