Jan Novotny PhD

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

TEL: 01865610630
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Jan Novotny finished his PhD in Theoretical Physics at Silesian University in Opava in 2017.

During 2018 he joined the Oxford e-Research Centre as a post-doc research associate to collaborate on AstroAccelerate project (GPU accelerate real-time signal processing for time-domain radio-astronomy). Here he can connect his passion for physics and HPC in one go.

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Research Interests

  • High Performance Computing
  • Scientific Computing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • GPU Computing

Current Research Projects

Astro Accelerate GPU accelerate real-time signal processing for time-domain radio-astronomy

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  • Z Stuchlík, J Schee, B Toshmatov, J Hladík, J Novotný, Gravitational instability of polytropic spheres containing region of trapped null geodesics: a possible explanation of central supermassive black holes in galactic halos,  Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 2017 (6) 19 2017
  • J Novotný, J Hladík, Z Stuchlík, Polytropic spheres containing regions of trapped null geodesics, Physical Review D 95, 043009 12 2017
  • K Adámek, J Novotný, W Armour, A polyphase filter for many-core architectures, Astronomy and Computing 16, 1-16 6 2016
  • K Adámek, J Novotný, W Armour, The Implementation of a Real-Time Polyphase Filter, WDS'14 Proceedings of Contributed Papers: Part I -- Physics, 9-14 2 2014
  • J Novotný, Programming models used on Many-Core architectures, Proceedings of RAGTime 10--13