Carmelo Velardo BSc DPhil MSc

Senior Researcher

Departmental Lecturer

Tutorial Fellow at Keble College

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Dr Carmelo Velardo is Senior researcher in Digital Health at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Departmental Lecturer at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford, United Kingdom.

He obtained his MSc in Computer Science Engineering both from "Politecnico di Torino" (Turin, Italy) and from EURECOM (Sophia Antipolis, France).

In April 2012, he successfully defended his PhD dissertation on “Anthropometry and Soft Biometrics for Smart Monitoring” under the supervision of Professor Jean-Luc Dugelay (EURECOM).

Research Interests

Carmelo's work over the past 8 years (2008-2012 at Eurecom, since 2012 in Oxford) has spanned the topics of signal processing for novel Biometrics and Biomedical applications. He has participated in over 11 national and international research projects and has published several original research articles. His research aims at the use of mobile-Health solutions to support patients suffering from chronic conditions.

Carmelo has designed and developed a customisable, scalable client-server platform to allow engineers and clinicians to set up mobile-Health interventions in a very short time. The mobile-Health systems created by this platform collect data from patients (through a series of health sensors and questionnaires) and from electronic health record systems (within the NHS network). They also create reports for clinicians and patients and generate fully personalised automatic alerts. To achieve high usability and compliance rates, he follows an usercentred design approach relying on information obtained actively and unobtrusively by the users. Actively, by organising interviews, codesign workshops, and questionnaires; unobtrusively, by using app analytics and statistics.

Carmelo's work has been used in several randomised controlled trials, and is now part of GDm-health, the first app to go through the NICE app endorsement process.

Current Projects


Principal investigator, £50k

Implementation of a modular, open-source platform for m-Health research.

Fracture of the neck of the femur, MoHIP

Using accelerometer sensors on post-op patients with fracture of the neck of the femur.


Co-applicant, £1.6m

RCT which aims at studying usage of m-Health applications on TIA and stroke survivors.


Co-applicant, £2.5m

RCT which aims to improve medication adherence of people affected by type-2 diabetes.


RCT to study Automated digital health, multiplatform system to diagnose hypertension during pregnancy.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Co-applicant, £26

Pilot study to assess the feasibility of remote monitoring the symptoms of patients with chronic kidney disease.