Industry and commerce have an active participation in the CDT programme, offering internships in their labs along with placements of industrial partners to work with our students in Oxford.

During your time on the CDT, you will have the opportunity to spend 2-3 months over the second or third summer in an industrial lab to gain experience in industry-led projects, expanding your horizons by engaging in an AIMS topic that is related to but not necessarily the same as your thesis. After the end of the internship, we encourage further interaction by inviting your industrial supervisors to join your research group in Oxford for short periods of time.

Ivan Kiskin - Mind Foundry, Summer 2018

12-week internship on the application of machine learning in a commercial setting. It was an opportunity to explore the wider context of Ivan's PhD work in machine learning, and to apply his skills to solving real-world problems. The internship was especially useful for understanding the importance of practical machine learning skills, often overlooked in an academic setting.

Ankush Gupta - Google DeepMind, Winter 2017

16-week research-focussed internship, exploring methods for exploiting intrinsic rewards for reinforcement learning problems. The internship was an opportunity to interact with and learn from leading researchers in the area, and imparted useful research skills like management and analysis of large scale experiments.

Sid Ghoshal - Man AHL, Summer 2016

2-month internship on extracting predictive signals from options data in equity markets. Man AHL is a market-leading quantitative hedge fund focused on systematic trading. Through a unique collaboration with the University of Oxford, it operates a data science laboratory at Eagle House, co-located with Oxford’s Machine Learning Research Group.



Many of our students go on to develop their thesis research into product. If this is something you're considering, Enterprising Oxford have plenty of information and resources that might be useful.