First RoboCup for Team ORIon

Over the past few months, two of our 2nd year AIMS CDT students, Mark Finean and Chia-Man Hung, had been preparing for ORI’s first RoboCup as part of Team ORIon, and the competition week marked the culmination of their efforts. RoboCup is an annual international robotics competition, with the aim of promoting robotics and AI research and pushing the boundaries of scientific research. This year, it was held from July 2 - 7 in Sydney, Australia. There were 13 different leagues with teams from different countries, making it one of the biggest robotics events in the world. To score In the @Home League they participated in, they were asked to demonstrate the robot’s capabilities in assisting human life in domestic environments such as a living room or a kitchen. Tasks included storing groceries, serving breakfast, making smoothies, carrying luggage, etc. Every piece of the system such as navigation, task-level planning, manipulation, voice recognition, vision, had to work together to complete tasks successfully. One of the highlights during the competition was their Human Support Robot (HSR) taking the garbage outside autonomously and receiving a round of applause from the crowd. This is just the beginning of their journey and they will definitely be back next year for further challenges.