Hypersonics Research Group

The Hypersonics Research Group has a proud history, dating back to the 1960’s when the Osney Laboratory was formed by Professor Donald Schultz. In particular, the lab has been known for it’s pioneering research into short duration wind tunnels and associated instrumentation.

Current areas of research within the group are:

  • Cooling technology for hypersonic vehicles 
  • Hypersonic boundary layer transition 
  • Aerothermodynamics for hypersonic vehicles 
  • Hypersonic intake performance 
  • Development of novel heat transfer gauges 
  • Shock layer radiation 
  • Satellite end-of-life & demise

High Speed Flow and Aerothermodynamics

The high speed flow and aerothermodynamics group at the University of Oxford is located within the Osney Thermofluids group. We are focused primarily on experimental research relevant to planetary entry, atmospheric cruise and access to space.