High Speed Turbomachinery

The High Speed Turbomachinery Group (Professor Tom Povey and collaborators) performs mainly experimental research using four principal facilities. The facilities are:

  • Transonic Gas Turbine Test Facility
    Three programmes are currently running on this facility:
    • Development of transient turbine efficiency measurements
    • Impact of engine-realistic temperature distortion on HP turbine efficiency, heat-transfer and aerodynamics
    • Impact of engine-realistic inlet swirl on HP turbine efficiency, heat-transfer and aerodynamics
  • Supersonic Cascade Facility
    A facility commissioned in 2005 to research highly supersonic turbine performance.
    Current investigations include the impact of cooling flows on supersonic turbine aerodynamics.
  • Annular Sector Heat Transfer Facility
    Development of a technique for cooling system performance validation, to replace the "thermal paint test".
    Current investigations include the study of dendritic cooling systems in the HP vane leading edge.
  • Gas Turbine Engine Capacity Facility
    The facility was used to develop an accurate transient technique for gas-turbine engine mass flow rate measurment.
    The current programme is designed to understand the secondary processes which affect engine capacity.

The group also conducts: