Tom Povey

Dr Tom Povey is interested in heat transfer and aerodynamics with particular application to axial turbines. Research topics range from fundamental studies of physical processes that are important for jet-engine life and performance, to the development of novel industrial measurement techniques and advanced instrumentation.

He is currently working on the following:

Fundamental research

  • Hot-streak migration in engines and impact on life and aerodynamics.
  • The impact of swirl from new-generation low-NOx combustors on heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Investigations of loss mechanisms in high-work turbines.

Development of novel industrial measurement techniques

  • Transient methodologies for engine capacity measurement on the Rolls Royce Trent 900 and Trent 1000 engines.
  • Fundamental methods for mass flow rate measurement.

Development of fully engine-realistic research methods

  • Annular sector techniques for flow conditioning in cascade experiments, and for heat transfer investigations.
  • Dendritic cooling systems.


  • Dual-thin film probes for temperature and pressure sensing in the hot gas path of gas-turbines.
  • Multi-hole probes for aerodynamic measurements in highly swirling flows.