Ed Walsh

Dr Ed WalshDr Ed Walsh has fundamental research interests in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and energy. His research interests are applied to turbo machinery, thermal management and biotechnology. Research topics range from fundamental studies of boundary layers and microfluidics to development of technologies for applications in next generation of electronic and biotechnology systems.

Fundamental research

  • Boundary layer studies and the implication of disturbances on entropy generation and transition to turbulence.
  • Multiphase microfluidics with heat transfer research in advanced thermal management and biotechnology.
  • Optimisation of fan heat exchanger interaction for maximum heat removal with minimal electrical energy requirements.

Development of novel measurement techniques

  • Development of innovative experimental facilities for characterising local heat transfer coefficients for complex flows.
  • Rheology of complex multiphase flows.

Development of technologies for transfer to industry

  • Translational research leading to new thermal management technologies in electronics.
  • Translational research focussed on energy reduction strategies in large scale computing facilities.
  • Microfluidics for high throughput Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) applied to DNA amplification.

He is a fellow of Brasenose College at the University of Oxford and holds the University lectureship in heat transfer in the Dept. of Engineering Science.