David Gillespie

Dr David Gillespie is interested in heat transfer in cooled gas turbine components and in seals for rotating shaft applications. He is currently working on the following projects:

Seals for Jet Engines and Industrial Gas Turbines

  • Development of Leaf Seals, Non-contacting Fluidic Seals, Self-Centring Seals through experiment, analytical and flow modelling
  • High Speed, High Temperature Tribology of Seal Materials

Tip clearance control mechanisms for Gas Turbines

  • The development of robust thermally activated casing diameter control systems for the high temperature environment surrounding the rotating stages of the turbine.

Heat Exchangers for Intercoolers and Recuperators

  • The characteristation of heat transfer and loss through the primary flow passages and surfaces of compact heat exchangers.
  • The characterisation and minimisation of installation loss associated with compact heat exchangers installed in the jet engine environment.

Development of engine-realistic internal cooling systems

  • Dendritic cooling systems.
  • Ribbed passages with filleted side walls at high and low aspect ratio
  • Effects of Vocanic Ash Ingestion
  • Experimental and CFD measurements of tip cooling and passage aerodynamic loss in modified shroudless cooling configurations.


  • Use of thermochromic liquid crystals and IR camera signals for the measurement of temperature.
  • Miniature Multi-hole probes for aerodynamic measurements.