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About the Osney Laboratory

Southwell LabThe Turbomachinery Research Group is located in a new laboratory, the Southwell Building, which was opened by the Vice Chancellor in late 2010. The group benefits from very significant industrial sponsorship with current grants worth several million pounds. Its research output forms a key part of Rolls-Royce’s research strategy and it has held Rolls-Royce UTC status since 1989. Other significant sponsors include Alstom, Siemens, QinetiQ and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).  In 2010, the Group acquired a major national facility from QinetiQ using support from the University, SEEDA and Rolls-Royce. The Oxford Turbine Research Facility (OTRF) has the capability to measure aerodynamic loss, turbine efficiency and surface heat transfer for a HP turbine under engine representative conditions.  This short duration tunnel was originally designed and built by Oxford under the leadership of Prof. Terry Jones.  Its activities are now led by Kam Chana, OTRF Director, who joined the University from QinetiQ in 2010.

The group comprises two Professors and five University Lecturers. Professor Li He holds the Rolls-Royce/ Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Professor He was an invited keynote speaker at the International Symposium on Jet Propulsion and Power Engineering (2006), and an invited lecturer for the NATO RTO Lecture Series on Strategies of Automatic Design Optimizations for Gas Turbine Engines (2010). He was also twice Vanguard Chair at ASME Gas Turbine Conferences, and is a Fellow of ASME.

Professor Peter Ireland returned to Oxford in February 2011 from Rolls-Royce Aerospace where he was a Corporate Specialist for four years and a member of the Rolls-Royce Fellowship.  He holds the Donald Schultz Chair in Turbomachinery and recently gave a keynote lecture at a major international conference on Turbine Cooling (ICHMT – Antalya, 2009). He has lectured at VKI on liquid crystal measurement methods and turbine cooling. He is a Fellow of the I Mech E. At Rolls-Royce, he headed the ERICKA FP7 programme (c7M€) which is researching novel turbine cooling flows. 

Dr David Gillespie, amongst other activities, leads the University’s research into rotating seals. His research team are a key part of Rolls-Royce’s strategy to develop advanced seals for aero-engines.  He is a Chartered engineer and his many interests include Turbine Cooling, Hypersonics, and Heat Exchangers.

Dr Tom Povey leads the research into compressible flow and he has developed several new means to measure flow and heat transfer in turbines.  His achievements include an innovative method to measure flow capacity of engine nozzle guide vanes.  He is the member of academic staff responsible for the OTRF research.  Dr Budimir Rosic joined Oxford from the Whittle lab at Cambridge University in 2009. Budimir has won 4 ASME best paper prizes in the last 5 years and has won the prestigious ASME Gas Turbine Award twice.  The Gas Turbine Award is given in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the literature of combustion gas turbines. 

Kam Chana is the Commercial and Technical Director of the OTRF.   He has more than twenty years experience in turbine test facilities and he became the Senior Engineer responsible for operation of the OTRF when it was based at Farnborough.  He was elected to the QinetiQ Fellowship in 2008.  He has very broad interests in high temperature and high speed instrumentation.

Over the past ten years the group has published 71 Journal papers, 52 refereed conference papers and won 6 publication prizes. It has educated 35 D. Phil and 5 MSc. students. 14 patents have been granted and many more are in the application phase.

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