Kirill won BP Award for Best Engineering Exhibit at Lubbock Day 2015

Congratulations to Kirill Titov (Balliol College) on winning the BP Award for the Best Chemical Engineering or Energy Related Exhibit at the Lubbock Day 2015, held in the Department of Engineering Science. Kirill presented a poster entitled "Electrospinning of Nanomaterials" and gave a live demo using the electrospinning apparatus which he designed and built, for studying the complex architectures and properties of fine-scale polymer fibres. These porous fibre network membranes are biodegradable in nature, and have a great potential for many technological applications, ranging from tissue engineering and drug delivery, to micro-filtration and next-generation sensors. This work was done as part of his Final Year MEng research project, jointly-supervised by JCT and Robert Field.

For his outstanding achievement, Kirill has been awarded a £500 prize and a certificate by BP.