The Fourth Year

In the final year you choose six specialist options from a list that covers the main engineering disciplines.  Those currently available are listed below, but please note that these may change from year to year:

Wildcat montageFourth Year Project

You also carry out a major project, normally working on your own. The work usually involves significant original design and construction, or original research, and is done in close consultation with a nominated supervisor from the academic staff.

Over 100 topics are offered by supervisors in the Department. It is sometimes possible to work on an idea of your own, or one suggested by a sponsoring company, provided that you can find a member of the academic staff to supervise it.

The following are examples of recent fourth year projects:

bullet  Optimal duct design for marine turbines

bullet  Analysing heart beating in MRI scans

bullet  Miniaturised AUV Glider Design

bullet  Syncing Sound and Vision

bullet  Automatic Annotation of Greek Paintings

bullet  Sealing Jet Engines

Exchange schemes

Some opportunities may exist for overseas study in the final year, either as part of an exchange scheme (e.g. with Princeton University, USA) or in the form of a six-month placement.