The Third Year

In the third year you start to specialise through the choice of five option papers. The range of options are reviewed annually, but typically will include:

Practical work supplements each of these subjects.

3rd year

You will also take courses that relate technical issues to engineering practice in society, for example: engineering project management; financing projects and technology strategy.

The Engineering Science Third Year Design Project aims to give you experience of, and insight into, the engineering design process. You work in a small design team of 4 to 5 students to produce a report in the form of a detailed design proposal which could then be used either by a manufacturer as the basis for a marketable product, or as a design for a proposed engineering project.  Recent projects have included:

  • Electric and Hybrid Formula Student Race Cars - a vehicle design project based around Formula Student (
  • Smart Homes for the Future - a project to design essential infrastructure for the home (e.g. energy, communications, and monitoring) to support older people and to provide a comfortable, stimulating, and safe environment.
  • Fuelling the Hydrogen Economy - a project focussed on small-scale production of hydrogen for transportation use, using fossil fuels such as natural gas, landfill gas, fuel oil, or biomass.
  • Semi-Autonomous Wheelchair - a project to design a wheelchair to provide assisted autonomy for patients suffering from action tremors caused by Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis.
  • Marine Renewable Energy System - a project focussing on the development of novel marine renewable energy devices where energy is extracted from tidal flow.

You have to make the main design and economic decisions, selecting from among several, possibly conflicting design possibilities, allocate work packages amongst your group, and organise your own project meetings outside of the weekly classes that are held with the academic project leaders.

Visiting Professors of Engineering Design participate and provide guidance and technical advice drawn from their industrial experience.