The Second Year

In the second year you continue to study core subjects which the Department believes form the essential foundations of general engineering:

  • Mathematics
  • Electronic and Information Engineering
  • Structures, Materials and Dynamics
  • Energy Systems

Practical work supplements each of these subjects with laboratory exercises in Communications, Instrumentation and Control, Dynamics, Structures and Materials, Thermofluids, Heat Transfer and Electrical Machines.

Engineering Science - 2nd year

In addition, intensive modules on various practical topics are scheduled during the summer term of the second year.  You are required to take a design module in mechanical or electrical computer aided design and have a choice of two other modules - in recent years the list of available modules has included:

  • Surveying - students survey part of the University Parks, in order to prepare a contoured plan.
  • Fluid mechanics - an enormous number of Engineering problems come under the heading of fluid mechanics, with applications ranging from jet engines to the tidal turbines. Students explore the role of fluid mechanics in a series of different situations.
  • Solar racer challenge - students work in teams to design, build, test and race robots using solar power to drive their own custom made motor systems and electronic controllers.
  • Biomedical Engineering - the application of engineering principles and material technologies to healthcare.
  • Industrial Problem-Solving - working with an external organisation to solve real problems. The projects can be anything that is relevant to the organisation at the time of the coursework module.
  • Language module - there may be the opportunity to take an approved language course in place of one of the engineering modules.

You will also take courses that relate technical issues to engineering practice in society,for example: Technical Writing and Communication Skills; Engineering Ethics; Safety and Risk; Engineering, Sustainability and the Environment.  Further topics are studied in the third year.