Year Abroad Opportunities

To prepare yourself for a global engineering career, there is no substitute for experiencing different cultures first hand.  The Department of Engineering Science at Oxford offers an opportunity for up to five undergraduate students each year, per exchange partner, to participate in an exchange year in the Faculty of Engineering at a partner institution during the whole of their fourth year.

Why participate in an exchange?

An exchange provides you with an opportunity to experience in depth the culture of another country whilst studying and to make new friends and connections. Students who have participated in exchanges may also be more attractive to potential employers. It demonstrates that you are flexible, self-reliant, and can adapt quickly to the unfamiliar and to different cultures. Many students who have participated on an exchange also say that it has helped them to mature as a person.

We currently run exchange programmes with:

  • Princeton University, USA
  • The National University of Singapore (NUS)

Both of these institutions offer world-class teaching and learning opportunities and have been consistently ranked highly in the global rankings.

What will I do when I am on exchange?

You will live, study, and be assessed in the same way that students at your exchange partner will be.  This means that the way you are taught and assessed in the fourth year will be different from the way you would be taught and assessed at Oxford.  To make the most of your experience, it is best to be open to and tolerant of different cultures, an autonomous learner, and have the resilience to cope with adapting to a different way of studying and living.

What support will I receive while I am on exchange?

As well as the support you will still receive from Oxford, our exchanges partners have comprehensive systems in place which will provide advice and guidance to you before you even arrive in their country.  They will provide advice on tuition fees, living costs, and any additional costs such as health insurance.

Once you are studying with an exchange partner, you will also normally be assigned an academic mentor who will keep track of your academic performance on a semester by semester basis.   Your peers and new friends will help you also to make the transition and get you involved in many social activities.  As well as working hard, our exchange students play hard too!

When can I apply for an exchange?

Students in their third year of study on the MEng in Engineering Science programme who are interested in going on an exchange will be asked to attend a presentation where we will tell you all about the exchanges available, and how to apply for them.  Places on exchange programmes are normally awarded on academic merit.