All shortlisted candidates resident in Europe are called to Oxford for interview. Shortlisted candidates who reside outside Europe can choose either to come to Oxford for interview or to ask to have a Skype/telephone/videoconference interview at the discretion of the candidate’s first college choice.

Candidates are interviewed in Oxford on the following dates. Each candidate called to Oxford is interviewed by two colleges. Candidates are then ranked according to their perceived ability and academic potential.

Should you be invited for interview, you should expect a technical interview. You should be able to demonstrate:

  • Fluency in expressing core knowledge and ideas in physics and mathematics
  • Ability to apply existing knowledge methodically to new situations
  • Ability to assimilate and apply new concepts
  • Rapidity in thinking and reasoning

and to be able to discuss your:

  • Commitment to intense and sustained learning
  • Interest in and enthusiasm for the engineered world

These selection criteria relate specifically to candidates applying to Oxford for a first undergraduate degree. Second undergraduate degree candidates are considered on the basis of their submitted application, and are unlikely to be interviewed, except if resident in North America, South East Asia, or the Indian Subcontinent. Entry is very competitive. In Engineering it is rare for there to be any second undergraduate degree applications at all. For more information on second undergraduate degree applications, please see

Further information

For a tutor’s-eye view of Oxford admissions interviews visit the University's Admissions web site at and watch the videos recorded by Dr Byron Byrne, a Tutor in Engineering at St Catherine's College.

A typical example of an interview question is available from our FAQs page.