Wendy McMillan

Wendy McMillanI graduated with an M.Eng in EEM in 1998 after a fantastic 4 years at St Johns' College. During my time at Oxford I rowed and played hockey for the university and participated in a wide range of college-based activities. The diversity of my Oxford experiences and the fantastic people that I became friends with during my time there have been invaluable for my career since that time.

In the years that followed I initially worked as a management consultant for Bain & Company - based in London and San Francisco, then moved into industry - joining Sappi, a global paper manufacturer based out of South Africa, for a brief period before moving to BT where I progressed through a range of roles that broadened my general management experience. These included being General Manager of the Consumer Voice business, Director of Customer Service and Strategy Director for the Consumer Division. Along the way I also studied for my MBA at INSEAD in France and Singapore.

After 6 years at BT, I was keen to try a more entrepreneurial route and worked on a technology venture based out of Cambridge for a year. Although this won several awards and had some early success, I didn't feel confident enough about its longevity to put additional capital into it and returned to the corporate world in June 2011.

My current role is Group Strategy & Business Development Director at Arqiva - the company which manages much of the UK's broadcasting and mobile communications infrastructure. In this role I am responsible for driving the overall strategic direction of Arqiva as well as leading business development, marketing, technology, regulation & public affairs and transformation.

Throughout my career, my engineering background has been of huge benefit. Initially as a consultant to technology companies in Silicon Valley where a solid understand of their business was vital; more recently during my time at BT and Arqiva where I am constantly assessing new technologies and products, and am intricately involved in policy debates around topics such as RF spectrum.