Omar Islam

Omar IslamMy interest in technology was initiated at school. My fascination in the way things work is what led me to study engineering; the art of science. It was never enough for me to just accept a process without knowing its ins and outs. The Engineering Science degree offered at Oxford is ideal for presenting the bare detail of modern technologies. My degree has offered me the perfect knowledge platform for initiating my career with Jaguar Land Rover. Although the course offered starts off as a general one, I later opted to specialise in civil and mechanical engineering subjects. My 3rd year design project of a mechanical KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) for Formula 1 is what grew my interest in cars.

Working in the automotive sector, I have found that real life problems require an understanding of all engineering disciplines; one day I may be analysing component stresses and load paths, and the next day I may be wiring up instrumentation on a prototype vehicle prior to testing. Rarely does one branch of engineering purely dominate the make-up of a modern technological concept. Everyday can offer a new challenge. The Engineering Science course taught me the latest technologies and industry techniques. It is this theory and skill which I put in to practice everyday as a product development engineer. The breadth taught by Engineering Science allowed me to keep up with the fast pace of a thriving automotive industry from day one!

Engineering as a whole is a wonderful way of demonstrating man’s understanding of the world we live in. What I believe is alive in every engineer is the thirst to see our logic materialise in to a creation that improves our existence. With Jaguar Land Rover I am able to exercise this in whatever role I undertake.