Ga Lok Chung

Ga Lok ChungI read Engineering Science at Pembroke, but it was a big decision for me to accept. The first in my family to consider university; I had also been offered a position at Arup as an apprentice engineer and I was worried about whether I would fit in at Oxford.

In hindsight this was a turning point in my life; socialising with people from a huge range of cultures, having tutorials with the person who wrote the text book and giving me opportunities and access to resources I could never have imagined. I specialised in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, my dissertation was building a program that recognised and tracked bird movements from video feeds for the Zoology department.

BT offered me a place on their fast track graduate scheme early in my final year; so I was fortunate to have a clear plan when I left Oxford and moved to London. A 2 year scheme, rotating roles every 6 months to understand the business; I built my career around solving difficult problems rather than defined jobs; so I’ve done system design, process writing, managing projects, product development, managing operational teams and providing consultancy services, this lead me to the White Label Managed Services team; working with corporate clients who want to sell broadband and telephony to their customers but don’t have the expertise or infrastructure; I defined the project work packages and requirements to implement this, making sure they get value for money and have a technically robust solution.

I decided to balance both the business and technology sides of my career; in 2012 I became a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Engineering and Technology; in 2013 I joined KPMG to grow their new Customer and Growth management consultancy practice and in 2015 became a Chartered Manager.

KPMG allowed me establish myself as a technology leader, working with global brands to help re-design their organisations and develop digital solutions so that they became more customer centric; delivering a much better customer experience. The growth in digital solutions in the past 10 years, particularly from start ups such as Uber and Airbnb has disrupted all sectors, creating a focus on customer interactions regardless of the product or service.

Outside work, I’m a volunteer counsellor for ChildLine, typically on a Sunday I’ll be at the NSPCC offices talking to young people on the phone and through online chat.

I’ve become an award winning speaker through Toastmasters, a non-profit global communication organisation which introduced me to some powerful and effective methods of public speaking. Joining in 2008, I went on to become the President of the City of London club, and in 2016 I won the Speech Evaluation contest for the UK branch of Toastmasters, competing with over 5,000 members in multiple rounds across the country.