4th Year Project Exhibition, 2009 Prize Winners

Prize for the best Exhibit

  • £500 to Ken Chatfield, Oriel College, for Visual search by shape

Atkins Prize for the best Civil/Structural Engineering Exhibit

  • £500 to Lawrence Walton, University College, for Enhancing the dynamic design of footbridges with crowd flow modelling

SOUE prize for an exhibit showing innovation in electronic engineering

  • £200 to Gareth Lott, St John's College, for Optical wireless link tracking system

Other Prizes

  • £100 to Ben Sitler, New College, for Vertical and horizontal loading of grillage foundations
  • £100 to Rachel Swidenbank, St John's College, for Computational analysis of a transverse horizontal-axis water turbine
  • £100 to each of Yuan Gao, Lady Margaret Hall, Osman Darr, Lincoln College and Edward Weng, St John's College, for Sustainable "unplugged" house for the Shetlands
  • £50 to Nathan Ewin, Balliol College, for Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle
  • £50 to David Howie, St John's College, for Hydrodnamics of an articulated wave-energy device
  • £50 to George Lederman, Lady Margaret Hall, for Novel deployable structures for morphing wings and assault bridges
  • £50 to Zun Wang, St Anne's College, for Design and evaluation of policies to achieve CO2 reduction

There were 19 entries in total.
The hard-working judges, to whom we are very grateful, were:

  • Richard Aston, Balliol College 1995-1999, now with BAE Systems
  • Mike Ford, St Edmund Hall 2000-4, now with Arup
  • Amelia Gould, Somerville College 1996-2000, now with Actica
  • Paul Jones, Brasenose College 1996-2000

We are also very grateful to the sponsors who provided the prize money:

  • Atkins
  • Glaxo Smith Kline