Jamie Curry wins IMarEST Award for his 4th Year Project

Jamie Curry

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) have made their inaugural Fugro GEOS award for an undergraduate dissertation to Jamie Curry of this Department and Keble College for his 4th year project study of the propagation of long waves.   Advances in computing have allowed the development of models capable of providing good approximations to solitary wave behaviour like that of a Tsunami.   Jamie's work, which investigates the effect of a Tsunami passing onto a shelf, fills one of the many gaps in the knowledge of how Tsunamis behave and holds out the hope of a reduction in the likelihood of another disaster such as that on Boxing Day 2004.   Jamie's project was supervised by Professor Paul Taylor whose special research interest is ocean waves and their interaction with offshore structures.

Tsunami wave

Image: A tsunami wave splitting into three separate waves on reaching the continental shelf.