Finals, 2009 Prize Winners

The examiners have recommended the following awards:

  • Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance in the Honour School of Engineering Science:
    David P. Hayden, (New College)
  • Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance in the Honour School of Engineering Economics and Management:
    Leo L. Masson, (St Catherine's College)
  • Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance in the Honour School of Engineering and Computer Science:
    John F. J. Mellor, (Balliol College)
  • Edgell Sheppee Prize for excellent performance in the Honour School of Engineering Science:
    David Bishop, (New College)
  • Institution of Civil Engineers Student Prize:
    Nicholas P. Milburn, (Pembroke College)
  • Institution of Engineering & Technology Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement:
    Nassia Inglessis, (St Edmund Hall)
  • Institution of Engineering & Technology Manufacturing Engineering Student Prize:
    Henry T. Luckhoo, (Trinity College)
  • Institution of Chemical Engineering Prize:
    Simon P.J. Oakes, (St Hugh's College)
  • Institution of Mechancial Engineers Certificate for the best student in Mechanical Engineering and nomination to the Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize:
    Matthew C.J. Collins, (Hertford College)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers Best Student Certificate:
    Robert Kiwanuka, (Christ Church)
  • The Cornhill Prize for best performance in Biomedical Engineering (Part II):
    Natalie Hockham, (St John's College)
  • Lonza Biologics Prize for best final year performance in Chemical Engineering:
    Alexander Burtenshaw, (St Catherine's College)
  • Edgell Sheppee Prize for best performance in an Engineering Part II Project by an Engineering, Economics and Management Candidate:
    Zun Wang, (St Anne's College)
    "Design and evaluation of policies to achieve CO2 reduction"
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers Prize for Best Project:
    Saraansh Dave, (St Anne's College)
    "The development of strain correlation for deformation analysis at the grain scale"
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers Best Project Certificate:
    Paul Gee, (Wadham College)
    "Testing the flow-independence principle for vibrating bluff structures"
  • Motz Prize for Best Project in Electrical Engineering:
    Timothy Hertz, (New College)
    "Retrofitting motional feedback to a loudspeaker"
  • Ronald Victor Janson Prize for the Best 3rd/4th year Project in Electronic Communications:
    Christopher W. Chan, (St Catherine's College)
    "Near field contactless connectors using metamaterial systems"
  • Pilkington Prize for the Best Performance in a Part II Project:
    Akshara Venkatesh, (Keble College)
    "Analysis of inter-organizational networks: role of strength and structure"
  • Babtie Prize for best 4th Year Project in Civil Engineering:
    Divindy A. Grant, (Oriel College)
    "Open Web Shallow Flow Modelling"
  • Rolls-Royce Prize for an outstanding 4th year project:
    Ken Chatfield, (Oriel College)
    "Google like retrieval of images based on their visual content"
  • The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers 4th year Project Prize:
    David I. Henderson, (St John's College)
    "Development of a Moving Magnet Transducer"
  • The Cornhill Prize for an Outstanding final-year Project in Biomedical Engineering (Part II):
    Victoria M. Sanchez, (Wadham College)
    "Computational Engineering for Cerebral Aneurysms: A Clinical Study"
  • HMGCC 4th year Project Prize in Information Engineering:
    Ashley R. Wharton, (St Catherine's College)
    "Machine Learning of Game Strategy using Reinforcement Learning and Neural Networks"
  • The Rhode & Schwartz Prize for Best 4th year Project in High Freqency Test and Measurement:
    Benjamin D. Cox, (Exeter College)
    "RFID Simulator"
  • Gibbs Prize for the best Part I Project:
    Nathan Bennett, (Keble College)
    Alexander Duncan, (Worcester College)
    Ian C. Horn, (Christ Church)
    Sam Rudgard, (Exeter College)
    "Ambulance of the future"
  • Edgell Sheppee Prize for Laboratory or Drawing Office work in the Department of Engineering Science:
    Daniel T.B. Slowe, (New College)