4th Year Project Exhibition, 2008 Prize Winners

Sharp Prize for the best Electronic Engineering Exhibit

  • £500 to Ben Jones, St Catherine's College, for An LED-based parallel communication system

Atkins Prize for the best Civil/Structural Engineering Exhibit

  • £500 to James Solly, Magdalen College, for Large-span expandable shelter

Qinetiq prize for an exhibit working to an innovative solution of an important problem

  • £400 to Annika Wong, St Hugh's College, for Understanding the biology of breast cancer using dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI

Poster Prize

  • £250 to Alan Carter, St Hugh's College, for Transporter-bridges - an effective way to span a river

Hardware Prize

  • £250 to Matthew Cole, Brasenose College, for Stimulus and test equipment for a smart dust optical receiver

Other Prizes

  • £250 to David Marshall, New College, for Full-bore imaging in a spark-ignition engine
  • £250 to David Rowlinson, Hertford College, for Modelling the interaction of spectators during grandstand egress
  • £250 to Kai Zhong, Wadham College, for Controlling the coagulation stage of water treatment using electrical impedance tomography
  • £200 to Winston Churchill, St John's College, for Vision-based path detection for a mobile robot
  • £200 to Daniela Footerman, Balliol College, for Cryopreservation of bovine mesenchymal stem cells
  • £200 to Adrien Geiger, Somerville College, for Modle predictive control of an inverted Furuta pendulum

There were 15 entries in total.
The hard-working judges, to whom we are very grateful, were:

  • Alan Coombs, Lady Margaret Hall 1999-2003, now with Cambridge Silicon Radio
  • Jac Cross, Trinity College 1995-9, now with Arup
  • Hugh Griffiths, New College 1995-9, now with Griffiths
  • Alexandra Hatchman, Somerville College 1993-7, now with Tesco's

We are also very grateful to the sponsors who provided the prize money:

  • Sharp Laboratories of Europe
  • Atkins
  • Qinetiq
  • Glaxo Smith Kline