4th Year Project Exhibition, 2007 Prize Winners

Sharp Prize for the best Electronic Engineering Exhibit

  • £500 to Martin Evans, St John's, for Solar sheep

Atkins Prize for the best Civil/Structural Engineering Exhibit

  • £500 to Ed Crammond, Corpus, for Arbitrarily shaped particles in distinct element analysis

Qinetiq prize for an exhibit working to an innovative solution of an important problem

  • £400 to Mike Wallace, Keble, for Product Design: a novel emergency drinking-water device

For technical contribution

  • £250 to Alasdair Bell, Queens, for Design of a hybrid rocket for satellite orbit injection
    £250 to Nauman Shah, Exeter, for Modelling multi-mode optical fibre networks

For a good exhibit involving hardware

  • £200 to Michael Smith, Wadham, for Prototype of a commercial system - reality racer

For a good poster exhibit

  • £200 to Ned Gould, Christ Church, for Offshore oil pipeline unburial

For a materials exhibit

  • £200 to Felix Hofman, Trinity, for Analysis of temporal and spatial temperature field evolution in metallic specimens

For a historical study

  • £200 to Lucy Thomas, St John's, for Stephenson's Britannia Bridge - an early box girder


  • £100 to Charlie Briggs, Oriel, for Electromagnetic detection of buried pipes
  • £100 to Richard Harrap, Exeter, for Environmental impacts of the Zenon and Kubota membranes for waste-water treatment
  • £100 to Joshua Macabuag, Pembroke, for Modelling and retro-fitting of non-engineered masonry under seismic loading
  • £100 to Hugo Pillath, New College, for Plywood reinforcement of timber gridshells
  • £100 to Oliver Whyte, Wadham, for Restoration and colourization of video

There were 24 entries in total.
The hard-working judges, to whom we are very grateful, were:

  • Mike Brownlow, Univ 1985-8, now with Sharp of Europe
  • Graham Hawkes, St Catherine's 1997-2001, now with Frazer-Nash
  • Gill Smith, Oriel 1996-2000, now with Atkins
  • Jonathan Snell, St John's 1998-2002, now with Instron

We are also very grateful to the sponsors of the prize money:

  • Sharp Laboratories of Europe
  • Atkins
  • Qinetiq
  • Glaxo Smith Kline