Studentship in the effects of strain rates, loading directions and fatigue on impact behaviour of PCD Cutters

Professor Richard Todd, Professor Clive Siviour (Dept. of Engineering Science), Dr Mandar Thakare (Element 6)

Diamond is the hardest known material and polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutters are used to drill through rock in mining, oil and gas drilling and other applications. The cutters typically consist of a diamond layer on a carbide substrate. The response and integrity of this complex structure depends strongly on the operating conditions, synthesis parameters and residual stress state. This project aims to understand the relationships between these factors and performance. It will involve impact testing, electron microscopy and other techniques for microstructural examination, residual stress measurement by diffraction and spectroscopy and finite element modelling.

This project is funded through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Diamond Science and Technology and will involve a one year MSc based at Warwick University followed by a 3 year DPhil at Oxford.  Fully funded studentships are available to UK and EU students (non-UK EU students must have resided in the UK for three years prior to the start of their course in order to be eligible). A limited number of studentships are available to exceptional international candidates. More details of the programme and of this specific project are available at: