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Keynote Lectures

Role of Metals in Society

Prof. Roger C. Reed  

University of Oxford

Novel Concept of Alloy Design for Power Generation            

Prof. Masao Takeyama  

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Nickel Superalloys for Jet Engine Applications

Prof. Cathie Rae   

University of Cambridge

High-temperature Oxidation of Metals   

Prof. Shigenari Hayashi                

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Effects of Radiation Damage on Structural Alloys

Prof. David Armstrong

University of Oxford

Titanium Alloys at the Extreme

Prof. David Dye

Imperial College London

Technical Lectures

Thermal Barrier Coatings  

Dr. Rudder Wu

NIMS, Japan

Dynamic Failure of Materials and Structures                              

Prof. Kazuaki Inaba                        

Tokyo Institute of Technology 

Modelling Methods for Design of New Alloys

Dr. Alessandro Mottura

University of Birmingham

Thermal Mechanical Fatigue

Prof. Johan Moverare

Linköping University, Sweden     

Spraying Technology for Coatings

Dr. Atsushi Sato

University of Oxford

Role of Physics-based Modelling

Dr. Fauzan Adziman

University of Oxford

Plasticity and Beyond in Nickel Superalloys

Prof. Motoki Sakaguchi

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Materials at High Strain Rates

Dr. Antonio Pellegrino

University of Oxford

Overview of 9Cr-1Mo Steel Oxidation Behaviour
in Advanced Gas Cooled Reactors

Dr. Aya Shin

EDF Energy, UK