Marzena Tkaczyk joins the LIMA team

The Laboratory for In-situ Microscopy and Analysis (LIMA) in the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford welcomes Miss Marzena Tkaczyk as its New Experimental Officer. She brings to the LIMA team and its users an extensive set of experimental and analytical skills, gained during her studies at the Mechanical Faculty of Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland, where she is just finishing her Mechanical Engineering Interdisciplinary doctoral research in the area of Amorphous and Nano-crystalline iron based alloys.

In 2010 she obtained an MSc in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation Materials Engineering. Her thesis title was: “Evaluation of mechanical and physicochemical properties of protection coatings obtained by sol-gel method”.

In her personal time, she likes travelling and mountain hiking.

We look forward to her long-term integration in LIMA and beyond.

 Marzena Tkaczyk