Spin-out Companies

The Department has an excellent record of engagement with industry, and of translating research results into real-world applications. Below is a list of some of the companies spun-out from Departmental research.

2d3 logo


Since 1999, 2d3 has supplied a range of computer vision products, all based on "3D from the moving image", mainly to the film and television production industries. The company's original product, boujou, the world's leading automatic camera tracker, is now used by most film and video post-production companies to generate visual effects requiring accurate registration of real and virtual images.

Aurox Ltd logo

Aurox Ltd

Aurox Ltd is a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative optical imaging equipment.  In particular it has brought affordable confocal microscopy to a wider user community. The company has won an R&D 100 award for its products as well as an Institute of Physics award for Innovation together with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

zyoxel logo

CN Bio Innovations

CN Bio Innovations (abbreviated to CNBIO), formerly Zyoxel Ltd, is part of the Hong Kong-based, CN Innovations Holding Limited (CNI). CNBIO provide human biomimetic platforms for the testing and development of therapeutics for serious human diseases. Working closely with academic pioneers in the bio-engineering field, CNBIO is developing next generation tissue and disease models which will improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world by fast tracking breakthrough therapies to market.

Eykona logo

Eykona Technologies Ltd

Eykona Technologies sells a 3D camera aimed at the imaging of external wounds and designed to be used within a sterile environment.  It uses patented technology developed by Prof Ron Daniel at Oxford University and enables clinicians obtain accurate 3D estimates of a wound’s volume so that the effectiveness of the treatment regime can be assessed.

Intelligent Ultrasound logo

Intelligent Ultrasound

Intelligent Ultrasound develops software that significantly improves the quality, reliability and diagnostic power of medical ultrasound scans.

Kepler Energy logo

Kepler Energy Ltd

Kepler Energy is a privately financed company set up to develop, install and operate commercial tidal energy arrays using an innovative, patented third generation transverse horizontal axis turbine, developed at Oxford University, specifically designed for use in low tidal velocity flows.

Microbial logo

Microbial Solutions Ltd

Microbial Solutions Ltd is a spin-out which specialises in sustainable treatment of operational exhausted metal working fluids generated by engineering workshops.  The technology is bioreactor based and exploits the natural ability some specialist microorganisms to biodegrade the waste, enabling water recycling on-site. The company is also focused on design of new metal working fluids formulations and diagnostics of potential microbial pathogens inhabiting engineered system.

Mirada Medical logo

Mirada Medical

Mirada Medical is an internationally recognised brand in advanced medical imaging. The company develops high value clinical software applications, which are used across diagnostic radiology, nuclear medicine, radiation oncology, tumour board and elsewhere.

Mirada specialises in simplifying technically complex image quantification, allowing clinicians to more confidently diagnose disease, assess response to treatment and plan radiation therapy or surgical intervention.

Navetas logo

Navetas Energy Management

Navetas is a powerful force in energy management, with an enviable reputation for helping utilities, companies and individuals find innovative new ways to reduce and manage energy consumption.

Navetas helps empower individuals and companies to make better energy choices. Our technology can help utilities, service providers and organisations offer a better customer experience, improve energy management awareness and meet the complex challenges of the changing energy landscape.

OBS Medical logo

OBS Medical

OBS Medical is a medical device company which supplies patient monitoring and mobile-based software solutions to hospital wards, primary care practices, and pharmaceutical companies running clinical trials.

OrganOx logo

OrganOx Ltd

OrganOx Limited was established to improve both the quality and quantity of organs for transplantation. Over 6000 livers are discarded worldwide each year because of limitations of current cold storage technologies. The OrganOx technology allows livers to be preserved for 24 hours, twice as long currently possible, in a functioning state outside the body. This could enable organs currently deemed unsuitable for transplantation, to recover to an acceptable standard for transplant.

Oxehealth logo


OxeHealth, spun out from Oxford’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering, will allow a patient’s health to be monitored using a webcam and a software application.

The software detects the patient’s heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation even in artificial light without the need for any physical contact or additional hardware.

OXEMS logo


OXEMS is a spin out company utilising research outputs from EPSRC funded research in the area of electromagnetics for civil engineering applications under a programme called "Mapping the Underworld". OXEMS offers a complete solution to the problems of locating, identifying and strategic management of underground assets. It utilises patented tagging technology combined with GPS, mobile communications and intelligent database management systems to provide utility companies with the ability to automatically tag and pinpoint globally the location of pipes and cables down to a depth of 2m with an accuracy of 15%.

Oxford nanoSystems Logo

Oxford nanoSystems

Based out of the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in Harwell Oxford, Oxford nanoSystems are using emerging technologies to refine longstanding heat transfer techniques for consumer and industrial platforms.

Powered by these as well as rare market access, the vision of OnS is to bring existing systems into the 21st century, improving their efficiencies, cost structures, and service requirements.

Oxonica Logo


Oxonica Limited is an advanced materials business which licences patents related to nanomaterials. Such agreements exist with Croda Europe Ltd in the UK and BD (formerly Becton, Dickinson) in the USA.

Oxyntix logo 

Oxyntix Ltd

Oxyntix Ltd is a research-intensive company, developing and commercialising new technologies in energy and process engineering, among other fields. A core technology they are promoting involves generation of extremely high temperatures, pressures and densities originating from fully controlled, optimised and scalable bubble collapse processes.

Particle Theraputics logo

Particle Therapeutics

Particle Therapeutics is an Oxford-based drug delivery company developing innovative particle formulation and drug delivery technologies to improve the efficacy and administration of a range of pharmaceuticals.

Novartis logo 

PowderJect Phamaceuticals

Originally spun out in 1993, PowderJect Phamaceuticals is a vaccine, drug and diagnostics delivery company specialising in the needle-free, pain-free injection of drugs, biophamaceuticals, conventional and DNA Vaccines and diagnostics in dry powder form. In 2003, PowderJect was acquired Chiron Corporation and was subsequently bought out by Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. 

t+ Medical

t+ Medical

t+ Medical provide an innovative range of telehealth solutions designed to empower patients, nurses, and doctors to manage long-term conditions more effectively. Our remote-patient-monitoring systems use mobile telehealth to reduce costs related to clinic & hospital admissions and improve nurse efficiency.

YASA logo

YASA Motors Ltd

YASA Motors Ltd is a dynamic and innovative electric motor company bringing a new generation of high power and high torque density electric motors to market.

We have developed class leading axial flux traction motors for use in both Automotive (EV's & HEV's) and also Industrial applications.