Numerical Modelling of Lens Re-filling Procedures (2002-2003)

Dr Harvey Burd, Dr Stuart Judge

Preliminary studies have been completed on the development of a numerical simulation of lens re-filling procedures that have been proposed as a possible method of restoring accommodation after cataract surgery. The model includes (i) injection of a liquid polymer into the capsule (ii) curing of the polymer (iii) accommodation of the refilled lens. The computer model (Burd and Judge 2003) was based on the finite program OXFEM that has been developed at Oxford University for civil engineering and ophthalmic analysis. The model provides predictions of behaviour that agree well with measurements on the performance of an experimental lens re-filling procedure (Koopmans et al. 2003).

A set of slides of the presentation given at EVER2003 on this topic can be obtained here.


Burd, H.J. and Judge, S.J. (2003) Numerical studies of the importance of changes in lens geometry and stiffness in causing presbyopia. (EVER Abstract). Journal for Research in Experimental and Clinical Ophthalmology, 35(1) Abstract No. 2168