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This research has its origins mostly in lunch and dinner time conversation. The idea, initially was to experimentally observe some of the interesting behaviours of nonlinear systems. One such system, which I have been investigating is that of two Van der Pol oscillator, coupled through a displacement as well as a velocity term. Using theoritical as well as numeric simulations, interesting behaviours depending upon the strength of the coupling parameters have been reported in past. My desire was to observe them in laboratory. My approach in past was very simple: Design and build an analogue system with integrators and multipliers. However, this is quickly taking a life of its own due to new types of nonlinearities, we are observing in micro/nano systems. To make matter brilliant, we (I) engineers are generally not very good at nonlinear things :( I am currently investing other regimes of the system with more nonlinearity introduced through other parameters. The holy grail, of course, would be a system with large number of coupled oscillators....