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Analogue CMOS Design

One of my principal research interests lies in analogue and mixed signal CMOS Circuit design. Specially, I have been designing wide dynamic range image sensors in standard CMOS technologies. Recently, we have also started working on Analogue to Digital converters as well as three-dimensional stacking of analogue chips.

I started by exploring logarithmic imagers using the the subthreshold region of operation of MOS transistors. These imagers compress the input signal, very much like the human eye. Experience with such pixels encouraged us to explore new designs with low temporal noise. The research has led to development of a new pixel design, which can be used to generate any transfer characteristics between the input light and output voltage. This has enabled us to develop image process pixels with one particular application being tone mapping thereby capturing images which can be directly displayed on screen with low dynamic range.

One direction of future research is to produce better cameras for special purpose applications, particularly for high intensity radiotherapy. In addition, we are currently also working on integrating More-than-Moore structures like plasmonic filters and terahertz resonators onto image sensors. We are also making intelligent image sensors for planning transportation in dense urban environment as well as reducing the data output of modern generation image sensors