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Sensors using Micro/Nano electro-mechanical systems

We are exploring the collective behaviour of a large number of micro/nano electro-mechanical devices, with an aim to utilise them as sensors. With advancement in fabrication technology, we can make sensors with very small (~nanometers) dimensions. However, we still need large structures to electricity connect them to the external world. Using the collective behaviour of a number of coupled micro-resonators, we have verified the feasibility of multi-sensors with single input/output connection. We have also used this technique to characterise manufacturing process variations as well as determine the Young's modulus of silicon in various orientation.

We extensive use mathematical techniques like inverse eigenvalue analysis, perturbation analysis as well as monte-carlo techniques. We are currently working on further our understanding of coupled nano-sensors, when they become nonlinear. In addition, we are also working on using our coupled systems for sensing a large number of biological as well as chemical substances at one go.