Development of p-y design methodology

The most popular method of analysis for laterally loaded piles, and the method adopted in the offshore design codes, is based on the Winkler model and is commonly termed the p-y approach. Despite its relative simplicity, this method of analysis has successfully been used in the offshore oil and gas industries for many decades. However, the current p-y approach is not well suited to predicting the response of piles with the geometry and loading seen in the offshore wind industry.

A new design methodology has been developed during this project which will provide greater confidence in the prediction of pile response under the lateral loading seen by offshore wind turbines. A more accurate method of design will allow monopiles to be installed in deeper waters than is currently possible using the existing standards, and potentially with larger turbines on top. This would make monopiles a suitable foundation solution for a number of the UK Round III projects. The design methodology will be delivered to the project partners in the first quarter of 2016.

Greater detail on the development of the new design method can be found in the ISFOG conference paper 'New design methods for large diameter piles under lateral loading for offshore wind applications'


For further information contact Dr Byron Byrne (OU) or Dr Harvey Burd (OU).