Fast Coriolis meters for real-time on-engine measurement of fuel injector flow

Accurately measuring how much fuel is being used in fuel injectors is essential for monitoring both gasoline and diesel engine performance. Current technology allows us to do this for the whole engine over many injections, but not for each injection event. This project has taken technology already used widely in the oil and gas industry (the Coriolis mass flow rate meter) and has adapted it to provide high-speed flow rate information for an individual Diesel injector. We call this Fast Next Generation Coriolis (Fast NGC). Oxford's patented signal processing and filtering methods provide the Fast NGC with the potential to both measure the fuel mass injected in a single injection and to display this information in real time. The filtering tools will also enable on-engine operation of the Fast NGC. The ability to measure changes in injector flow rate on-engine, for example due to injector ageing, would enable engine control systems to compensate in-service, improving combustion control and reducing emissions.

We have recently completed a feasibility study on the Fast NGC concept with funding from the 'Preparing for the Grand Challenges' program of Advanced Propulsion Centre UK. Figure 1 below shows the efficacy of the Oxford 'Prism' filtering methodology and the ability of Fast-NGC system to capture individual diesel injection events. The time response of the Fast-NGC system, currently demonstrated with a production flow tube, is world leading.

Filtered results

Figure 1: Raw and 'Prism' filtered signals, 10 injection burst

Having established the feasibility of our methods, we are now working with our partners and sponsors on a proposal to develop the new hardware and filtering techniques required to precisely measure the fuel mass flow in each event, with the ultimate target of resolving injection rate shape at diesel injection pressures.

Spray Rig

Figure 2: Diesel spray rig configured for Fast-NGC testing

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Felix Leach


Dr. Manus Henry, Dr. Martin Davy

Post-Doctoral Researchers:

Dr. Michael Tombs, Dr. Feibiao Zhao, Dr. Joseph Camm,

Graduate Research Students:

XiaoHang (Leo) Fang

Funding and Support

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