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All Seminars will start at 2.00pm in LR7, IEB unless otherwise stated

Current Control Seminars
  • Fri 13 April 2018: Professor Benjamin Recht (UC Berkeley) "The statistical foundations of learning to control" [ABSTRACT]
  • Wed 25 April 2018: Dr. Antonio de Paola (Imperial College) "Distributed control schemes for the smart grid: a Lyapunov approach" [ABSTRACT]
  • Mon 30 April 2018: Professor Duncan Callaway (UC Berkeley) "Decentralization in Energy Systems: Absorbing Solar and Storage into Grids" [ABSTRACT]
  • Wed 9 May 2018: Professor George Halikias (City University), "Convex relaxations in combinatorial optimization and robust control" [ABSTRACT]
  • Mon 14 May 2018: Dr. Sebastian Peitz (University of Paderborn), 2pm, MR4 "Data driven feedback control of nonlinear PDEs using the Koopman operator" [ABSTRACT]
  • Wed 6 June 2018: Dr David Martin de Diego "TBC" [ABSTRACT]
  • Tue 12 June 2018: Professor Manolis Georgoulis (University of Leicester) "Discontinuous Galerkin methods on polygonal and polyhedral meshes" [ABSTRACT]
  • Mon 18 June 2018: Professor Michail Loulakis (National Technical University of Athens) "The stochastic shallow lake problem" [ABSTRACT]