S. Nageswaran

Doctor of Philosophy, St. Catherine's College, Oxford University, Trinity Term 1983

Effect of Gas Bubbles on the Sea Bed Behaviour


This thesis examines the effect of undissolved gas bubbles on the geotechnical properties of marine clayey soils. A large portion of the work is devoted to study the effect of gas bubbles on the volume change behaviour of clayey soils under conditions.

Chapter two describes the technique used to introduce controllable amount of gas bubbles into reconstituted clayey soils. One dimensional volume change behaviour of gassy soils with different degrees of saturation is compared with that of the saturated soil in chapter three.

A theoretical model is developed in chapter four to describe the consolidation behaviour of soils containing a compressible pore fluid and is compared with the experimental results. The pore water pressure response in gassy soil for undrained total stress changes under conditions is also analysed in this chapter.

A differential piezometer to measure the pore water pressure response in a gassy sea bed for tide and wave action was designed and tested. Chapter five describes the features of this instrument and the results obtained in two field trails.

Finally in chapter six, the effect of gas bubbles on the undrained shear strength of soil is examined.

Thesis (6.69MB, pdf)

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