K. Lee

Doctor of Philosophy, Linacre College, Oxford University, Trinity Term, 1979

An Analytical and Experimental Study of Large Strain Soil Consolidation


This thesis is concerned with large strain soil consolidation and a large portion of the work is devoted to the theoretical development in modelling this phenomenon. An experimental programme based on a specially designed oedometer is also included.

The governing equations are formulated in Chapter 2, where both the material and the space coordinates are considered. In space coordinate the problem is a moving boundary problem, and special numerical techniques for the idealized case of a thin soil layer are developed in Chapter 3.

In Chapter 4 the consolidation of a normally consolidated stratum and a dredged fill are considered with a linear soil model, and the consolidation of a deposit undergoing continuous sedimentation is considered in Chapter 5. The material coordinate is used in the analysis which also includes the effect of self weight of soil. These problems are again considered in Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 with a nonlinear soil model.

A specially designed oedometer for testing very soft soil is described in Chapter 8, and the experimental results are discussed in Chapter 9. These are compared with the theoretical solutions developed in Chapter 3, and good agreement has been obtained.

Thesis (7.89Mb, pdf)

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