THAWT modelI began my studies at Oxford University in 2003 when I came up to study Engineering Science, specialising in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. After my undergraduate degree I continued to study for a doctorate at Oxford, where my research focused on the design of the Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT). After completing my DPhil in 2011, I continued to work as a post-doctoral research assistant in the Engineering department at Oxford on the THAWT device, which was successfully spun out as a company, Kepler Energy Ltd.

In 2012 I left Oxford to work as a composite design engineer at Gurit UK on the Isle of Wight. During this time I worked on the design of new and novel advanced composite structures, including wind and tidal turbine blades, sailing yachts, lightweight elevators, lightweight crane systems and several research projects.

Dunkirk CraneI returned to Oxford in 2013 to take a position as a post-doctoral research assistant in the Department of Engineering Science. As the lead post-doctoral researcher on the Pile Soil Analysis (PISA) project, I played a key role in the development and calibration of the new simplified design approach, the design, supervision and analysis of the field testing programme and the coordination and publication of the project work.

I was appointed to the position of Associate Professor in 2017 and now pursue a broad range of Geotechnical and Structural lines of research.

Outside of Engineering I have had a longstanding interest in several sports, having competed for the Keble College rowing 1st VIII, rugby 1st XV, badminton team, MCR cricket team, as well as the more competitive MCR croquet team. I now mostly train for the odd tough mudder or rat race and fit these within a busy schedule of designing and carrying out the renovation of my home in Oxford.