Thesis, Books etc

  1. Houlsby, G.T. (1975)
    "Forces on Retaining Walls by Sokolovskii's Method, Including Varying Pore Water Pressures",
    Undergraduate Project Report, Cambridge University Engineering Department
  2. Houlsby, G.T. (1978)
    "A Review of Theoretical Models for Soils, and Proposals for Research",
    First Year Research Report, Cambridge University Engineering Department
  3. Houlsby, G.T. (1981)
    "A Study of Plasticity Theories and Their Applicability to Soils",
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of Cambridge
    Download from Cambridge Univeristy repository
  1. Milligan, G.W.E. and Houlsby, G.T. (1984)
    "BASIC Soil Mechanics",
    Butterworth, London, 132 pp, ISBN 0-408-01365-6
    1. Reprinted with corrections (1986)
    2. Japanese edition (1986) Keigaku Publishing, Tokyo, ISBN 4-7665-0241-8, 176 pp
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  2. Wroth, C.P., Driscoll, R., Houlsby, G.T., Corke, D.J., James, E.L., Mair, R.J. and Muir Wood, D. (Editors) (1990)
    "Pressuremeters", Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Pressuremeters, Oxford University, 2-6 April 1990,
    Thomas Telford, London, ISBN 0-7277-1556-9, 433 pp
  3. Houlsby, G.T. and Schofield, A.N. (Editors) (1993)
    "Predictive Soil Mechanics", Proceedings of the Wroth Memorial Symposium, St Catherine's College, Oxford, 27-29 July 1992,
    Thomas Telford, London, ISBN 0-7277-1916-5, 839 pp
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  4. Houlsby, G.T. and Puzrin, A.M (2006)
    "Principles of Hyperplasticity: an Approach to Plasticity Theory Based on Thermodynamic Principles",
    Springer Verlag, London, ISBN-10 184628239X, ISBN-13 9781846282393, 375 pp
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