Teaching and Research Supervision

I am the Oxford Director for the Centre for Doctoral Training in Renewable Energy Marine Structures. For further details please visit the Centre's website: http://www.rems-cdt.ac.uk/ . We currently have 14 students from Oxford at the CDT across 5 cohorts (P. Houlston, T. Joseph, S. Whyte; R. Mayall, I. Richards, J. White; T. Balaam; E. Anderson, K.W. Wu; B. Chen, S. Martin, M. Qiu, L. Simonin).

Over the years I have lectured and taught widely across the Engineering Science course. I have won two University Teaching Awards, one in 2009 and one in 2017.

I am currently supervising research of the following students:

  • Mr Ronan Royston (St Catherine's College / Ward and Burke). Design and performance of large diameter concrete caissons. Commenced 2015.
  • Mr Russell Mayall (St Catherine's College / E.ON / HR Wallingford). Foundation response to scour and scour protection. Commenced 2015.
  • Ms Iona Richards (St Peter's College / REMS CDT EPSRC Studentship). Monopile foundations under complex cyclic lateral loading in sand. Commenced 2015.
  • Mr Toby Balaam (Wolfson College / REMS CDT EPSRC Studentship). Calibration of cyclic loading models for monopile foundations. Commenced 2016.
  • Mr Kuen-Wei Wu (Harris Manchester College / Ørsted). Rate effects for monopile foundations. Commenced 2017.
  • Mrs Sarah Martin (Wolfson College / Ørsted). Cyclic loading of monopile foundations. Commenced 2018.
  • Ms Bohan Chen (Wolfson College, Chinese Scholarship Council). Design of monopile foundations. Commenced 2018.
  • Mr Mark Qiu (Wolfson College / REMS CDT EPSRC  Studentship / Ørsted). Cyclic loading of monopile foundations. Commenced 2018.
  • Mr Luc Simonin (St Catherine's College / Ørsted). Cyclic loading of monopile foundations. Commenced 2018.
  • Mr Bryn Phillips (Harris Manchester College / Ward and Burke). To be confirmed. Commenced 2018.

I am currently supervising the following post-doctoral Research Assistants:

  • Thomas Andolffson, Experimental Geotechnics.
  • Dr Stephen Suryasentana. Advanced Geotechnical Modelling, Ørsted Project

I have supervised the following students who have now completed their research:

  • Dr Stephen Suryasentana (Balliol College). DPhil, 2018: Time-critical design methods for suction caisson foundations. Funded by Ørsted.
  • Dr Susannah Cooke (Brasenose College): DPhil, 2016: Enhanced array design for tidal power generation. Submitted. Funded by EPSRC (Supergen Marine).
  • Ms Yiling He (St Cross College): MSc(R), 2016: Analysis of the parameterised soil reaction curve method for laterally loaded monopiles for offshore wind applications.
  • Dr Christelle Abadie (St Catherine’s College): DPhil, 2015: Cyclic loading of monopile foundations in cohesionless soils. Funded by EDF Energy.
  • Mr Yongwei Li (St Hugh’s College): MSc(R), 2015: Lateral buckling of offshore oil and gas on-bottom pipelines on sand.
  • Dr Deqiong Kong (Lincoln College): DPhil, 2015: Large displacement numerical analysis of offshore pipe-soil interaction on clay. Funded by the Chinese Scholarship Committee.
  • Mr Timothy Rose (St Cross College): MSc(R), 2014: Solid bulk shipping: Cargo shift, liquefaction and the transportable moisture limit.
  • Dr Elizabeth Williams (New College): DPhil, 2014: Upheaval buckling of offshore pipelines buried in loose and liquefiable soils. Funded by the Clarendon Fund.
  • Dr Laith Tapper (Worcester College): DPhil, 2013: Bearing capacity of perforated offshore foundations under combined loading. Research partially supported by Arup.
  • Dr Richard Sandford (Oriel College): DPhil, 2012: Lateral buckling of high pressure / high temperature on-bottom pipelines. Funded by EPSRC CASE Award with Conoco Phillips.
  • Dr Jens Schupp (Mansfield College): DPhil, 2009: Upheaval buckling and flotation of buried offshore pipelines. Funded by EPSRC CASE Award with Technip.
  • Dr Oliver Cotter (Magdalen College): DPhil, 2009: The installation of suction caissons foundations for offshore renewable energy structures. Funded by EPSRC and Fugro Ltd.
  • Dr Felipe Villalobos (Keble College): DPhil, 2006: Model testing of foundations for offshore wind turbines. Funded by DTI / Industry project on Suction Caissons.

I have also supervised a number of visitors to the Oxford research group including Dan Kallehave (DTU/Dong Energy, Graduate, 2012-2013), Dr Bin Zhu (Zhejiang University, Academic, 2009/10), Matt Hodder (UWA, Graduate, 2008), Christian Bakmar (Aalborg, Graduate, 2007), Stefania Galetti (Bologna, Undergraduate, 2006/07), Kar Lu Teh (NUS, Graduate, 2006), Marc Senders (UWA, Graduate, 2006), Britta Bienen (UWA, Graduate, 2005), Mattia Rovere (Ecole Centrale de Lille, Undergraduate, Politecnico di Milano, 2004).