University of Oxford engineering department 3rd year labIn the department currently teach the first year statics course, and teach the 4th year options on coastal and ocean engineering. I offer a number of final year projects on topics related to my research interests (see list below for past projects).

In college I teach civil and mechanical engineering topics to students at St Peter’s and at Exeter College.

I am currently Director of Third Year studies in the department.

4th year projects


  • Liam Eagle (University College) — "Far field changes due to tidal energy extraction"


  • Wenjin Zheng (St Edmund Hall) — "Rogue waves on offshore structures"


  • Zoe Jackson (Exeter) — "Waves at the D-Day beaches and Mulberry Harbours" (co-supervised with Paul Taylor)
  • Zhihui Chin (Lincoln) — "Waves at the EMEC test site — variations in wave power" (co-supervised with Paul Taylor)
  • Thomas Brown (Pembroke) — "Analysis of field data of ocean rogue waves" (co-supervised with Paul Taylor)


  • David Brown (Balliol) — "Marine renewable energy in the Isle of Man" (co-supervised with Ross McAdam)
  • Adam Laycock (Balliol) — "Optimal operation of a tidal barrage to fit the UK electricity demand"
  • Ali Farhan (St Edmund Hall) — "Non-linear dynamics of rogue waves — how sensitive are these to surrounding waves?" (co-supervised with Colm FitzGerald)
  • Timothy Drewett (Worcester) — "Extreme waves in the North Sea — freaks or expected?" (co-supervised with Paul Taylor)


  • Agop Apik (St Anne's) — "Machine Learning for Sustainability: Solar Photo-Voltaic Prediction" (co-supervised with Michael Osborne)
  • James Jurkiewicz (Hertford) — "Energy extraction from an idealised resonant tidal basin"
  • Renkun Zhang (Balliol) — "Assessment of tidal resource of the Cook Strait"
  • Audrey Davies (Keble) — "Storm Surge in the Bristol Channel"


  • Louise Privett (Jesus) — "The Mulberry Harbours"
  • Juliet Raperport (New College) — "Analysis and Comparison of Tidal Stream Power for Two Sites in the English Channel"