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Michaelmas Term 2012

  • Week 3: October 23rd (Location: Lecture Room 2)
    "A new analytical tool for quantitative process safety - Friday 13th risk modelling."
    Dr Ken Davies, University of Adelaide
    Abstract: Despite increasing predictive and control capability, everyone will have experienced one of those Friday 13th (Fr 13) days when everything seems to combine unexpectedly and cause failure; the idea is not new and appears universal in human experience. In this seminar the fundamentals of Fr 13 risk modelling are introduced and illustrated with quantitative analyses of risk and unexpected failure in sterilisation and fermentation, together with examples from Clean-In-Place and UV irradiation for potable water. These unit-operations are essential to the preparation and processing of a wide range of foods and pharmaceuticals. A key insight of this original research is to show that an accumulation and combination of a series of stochastic changes in otherwise well-operated and well-maintained plant parameters can lead unexpectedly in one-direction and leverage highly significant, and sometimes catastrophic, changes in process or product. Results are compared with current risk assessments and are shown to offer a number of practical surprises. The benefits of Fr 13 models and their exciting potential for coupling with existing software e.g. Aspen Plus® or Batch Process Developer® to provide a significantly more powerful design tool than is currently available, and; their use in targeted intervention strategies to improve safety, is discussed.
    Mini Biography: Dr K R (Ken) Davey lectures in chemical engineering at The University of Adelaide. He is interested in practical risk assessments for engineering operations. Ken is a FIChemE, FAIFST and FIEAust and has won numerous awards for his published work including the: John A Brodie Medal for best paper (IEAust), The J R Vickery Medal (International Institute of Refrigeration), the Premier's Science Excellence Award (SA) and SA Great Award and Jack Kefford Award for best paper (AIFST). His work is shortlisted for the IChemE 2012 Awards for Innovation and Excellence. Ken's other contributions to research include a class of equations that bear his name for bacterial growth, death and survival.
  • Week 4: October 30th - note start time 4.30pm and the location is LR2.
    Fuel Cells: Engines to drive the future hydrogen economy.
    Dr Charlie Dunhill: Founder and CEO H2-NRG and Department of Chemistry, UCL
  • Week 6: November 13th
    Modelling of biological systems for wastewater treatment.
    Dr Parneet Paul: Director, Water Sustainability Research Centre, University of Brunel
    "The focus of this talk will be on the modelling of biological processes used to treat wastewater, and the benefits of using such computer techniques and methods. Specifically, activated sludge modelling will be discussed in detail. This is a generic name for a group of mathematical methods to model activated sludge systems. The research in this area is coordinated by a task group of the International Water Association (IWA). Activated sludge models are used in scientific research to study biological processes in hypothetical systems. They can also be applied on full scale wastewater treatment plants for optimisation, when carefully calibrated with reference data for sludge production and nutrients in the effluent. This presentation will introduce this concept from first principles and discuss how these models are set up and used effectively and practically.Modelling of biological systems for wastewater treatment."
  • Week 8: November 27th - Postponed to Week 2: January 22nd, 2013
    Engineering biology: between hope and hubris.
    Professor Tom Curtis: Civil Engineering and Geosciences, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Trinity Term 2012

Michaelmas Term 2011

Trinity Term 2011

Hilary Term 2010

Michaelmas Term 2010

  • Week 2: Tuesday 19 October (LR2)
    Numerical simulations of filled polymer melts
    Dr Oliver Harlen
    Department of Applied Mathematics, Leeds University
  • Week 4: Tuesday 2 November (LR2)
    Improving the Efficiency of Membrane Processes for the Water Industry: - A review of research at the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre
    Prof Tony Fane
  • Week 6: Tuesday 16 November (LR1)
    Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery
    Dr Nick Darton
    Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Cambridge University
  • Week 8: Tuesday 30 November (LR2)
    The truth about supercritical fluids
    Dr Rachel Bridson
    Department of Chemical Engineering, Birmingham University

Trinity Term 2010

Hilary Term 2010

  • Week 2: Tuesday 26 January (LR3)
    Fouling and membranes: is critical flux an outdated concept?
    Dr Robert Field
    Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
  • Week 4: Tuesday 9 February (LR3)
    Printing for the future: technologies, applications and modelling
    Dr Davide Deganello
    Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating, School of Engineering, Swansea University
  • Week 6: Tuesday 23 February (LR3)
    Microfluidics and its application
    Prof Jeung Sang Go
    School of Mechanical Engineering, Pusan National University
  • Week 8: Tuesday 9 March (LR2 - note the change)
    Chemical Engineering DPhil Student Showcase
    Speakers TBC

Michaelmas Term 2009

Trinity Term 2009

Hilary Term 2009

Trinity Term 2008

Hilary Term 2008

Michaelmas Term 2007

Hilary Term 2007

Michaelmas Term 2006

Hilary Term 2006

  • Week 1 (17 January)
    "Production of Novel Biosurfactants"
    Dr. Chien-Yen Chen
    (Department of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford)
  • Week 3 (31 January)
    "Silver Bullets for Zebra Mussels � An Example of Chemical Product Design"
    Dr. Geoff D. Moggridge
    (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge)
  • Week 3 (3 February)
    "Dissolved Mass Emission from DNAPL Source Zones: Modeling, U-scaling and Characterization"
    Prof. Tissa H Illangasekare
    (Center for Experimental Study of Subsurface Environmental Processes, Colorado School of Mines, USA)
  • Week 5 (14 February)
    "Miniature, Multiscale and Distributed Chemical Plants"
    Prof. Jack W. Ponton
    (Chemical Engineering. School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh)
  • Week 7 (28 February)
    "Chemical and Process Engineering at the Nanoscale: Application of Atomic Force Microscopy"
    Dr. Nidal Hilal
    (Centre for Clean Water Technologies. School of Chemical, Environmental and Mining Engineering. The University of Nottingham)

Michaelmas Term 2005

  • Week 1 (11 October)
    "Unusual wall effects in food flows: fact and fiction"
    Dr. Peter Martin
    (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
  • Week 3 (25 October)
    "Novel desalination and water treatment processes"
    Dr. Adel O. Sharif
    (Centre for Osmosis Research and Applications, School of Engineering, University of Surrey)
  • Week 5 (8 November)
    "Inverted polarity micellar enhanced ultrafiltration for the treatment of heavy metal polluted wastewater"
    Dr. Nick Hankins
    (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)

    "Trends in tissue engineering"
    Dr. Xia Xu
    (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
  • Week 6 (15 November)
    "Cartilage tissue engineering - from biomechanics to bioreactors"
    Prof. Stephen D. Waldman
    (Department of Chemical Engineering, Queen's University, Canada)

Hilary Term 2005

  • Week 7 (1 March)
    "Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Processing for Fuel Cells. Sustainable and Clean Energy Development in the 21st Century"
    Prof. Chunshan Song
    (Professor of Fuel Science and Director of Clean Fuels and Catalysis Program. Pennsylvania State University, USA)
  • Week 5 (15 February)
    "Putting science into art: extrusion of granular pastes"
    Dr. Ian Wilson
    (Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge)
  • Week 3 (1 February)
    "Molecular processing and fabrication; improving upon nature"
    Prof. Nigel Slater
    (Professor of Chemical Engineering. Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge)
  • Week 1 (18 January)
    "Fuelling the Future"
    Prof. Robert Evans
    (Methanex Professor and Director of the Clean Energy Research Centre. University of British Columbia, CA)

Michaelmas Term 2004

  • Week 7 (23 Nov)
    "Preparation of High Solids Nano-Latexes by Monomer-Starved Emulsions Polymerisation Reactions"
    Dr Shahriar Sajjadi
    (Division of Engineering. King's College London)
  • Week 5 (9 Nov)
    "Unstable flow through porous media"
    Dr Chris L. Farmer
    (Schlumberger Abingdon Technology Centre and OCIAM, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford)
  • Week 3 (26 Oct)
    "Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems"
    Dr. Yiannis Ventikos
    (Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford)
  • Week 1 (12 Oct)
    "Industrial Optimisation in process and product engineering"
    Prof. Antonis Kokossis
    (Process and Information Systems Engineering, University of Surrey)

Hilary Term 2004

  • Week 1 (20 Jan)
    "Food and Bioprocessing for the 21 Century: Challenges and Opportunities"
    Dr H. S. Muralidhara,Vice President, Cargill, Inc. Savage, MN 55378, USA
  • Week 3 (3 Feb)
    "Bone Tissue Engineering"
    Zhidao Xia, MD, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, and Department of Engineering Science,Oxford University

    "Monitoring in Tissue Engineering"
    Dr Olga Boubriak, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University
  • Week 5 (17 Feb)
    "On compact heat exchangers, heat transfer enhancement, whales and mountain devils"
    Dr Vishwas V. Wadekar, Principal Technologist and HTFS Research Manager, Hyprotech UK Ltd, Part of Aspen Technology Group
  • Week 7 (Mon 1 March)
    "Optimisation and Integration of Membrane Processes"
    Dr Frank Lipnizki, Alfa Laval Copenhagen A/S, Maskinvej 5, DK-2860 S�borg, Denmark
  • Week 7 (2 March)
    "Developing bioreactor systems for tissue engineering"
    Dr Julian B CHAUDHURI, Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath, Bath BA2 7AY, UK

Michaelmas term 2003

  • Week 1, 14th October 2003
    "Modelling of flow through filter media"
    Prof. Vahid Nussehi, Department of Chemical Engineering, Loughborough University
  • Week 3, 28th October 2003
    "Sustainability � an engineering viewpoint"
    Dr Jeremy Hunns, ABB
  • Week 3, 30th October
    "Bubbles in Bread"
    SPECIAL SEMINAR Dr Peter Martin, Satake Centre for Grain Process Engineering, UMIST
  • Week 5, 11th November 2003
    "Surfactant adsorption and marangoni flow in liquid jets"
    Michael Weiss, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University
  • Week 7, 25th November 2003
    "Effects of Micro-Heterogeneities on two-phase flow in porous media"
    Dr Diganta Das, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University

Hilary Term 2003

  • Week 1, 21 Jan 2003
    "Tissue Engineering � another bursting bubble?"
    Professor Z F Cui Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
  • Week 3, 4 Feb 2003 (4pm)
    "G I Taylor: Memories of a Genius"
    Professor Robin Turner, University of Exeter (Retired)
  • Week 5, 18 Feb 2003
    "Separation Technology and Nobel Prize of Physics"
    Dr George Doucos, Department of Physics, University of Oxford
  • Week 7, 4 March 2003
    "Treatment of Effluents of Chemical Industry"
    Dr Tom Arnot, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath

Hilary Term 2002

  • Tuesday 15th January
    "Electrode and Membrane Design for Electrochemical Reactors: Mass Transport, Energy Conversion and Environmental Treatment"
    FC Walsh (Professor in Electrochemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath)
  • Tuesday 29th January
    "Application of CFD and solid mechanics to modelling blood flow in the human cardiovascular system."
    Dr Xiaoyun Xu, Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology, Imperial College, London
  • Tuesday 12th February
    "Combustion in direct injection gasoline engines"
    Luk Wyszynski, Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University
  • Tuesday 26th February
    "Fundamental aspects of multiphase flows"
    Dr Ian Eames, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College, London

Michaelmas Term 2001

  • Tuesday 9th October
    "Multiphoton microscopy for skin and tissue studies"
    M Kendall (Powdeerject Centre for Gene and Drug Delivery Research, Oxford)
  • Tuesday 23rd October
    "CFD modelling of slug flow and ultrafiltration"
    T Taha (University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science)
  • Tuesday 6th November
    "Explosion hazard and Detonation Phenomena"
    M Braithwaite (Cranfield University)
  • Tuesday 20th November
    "Manufacture of viral therapeutics and plasmids"
    N Slater (University of Cambridge, Department of Chemical Engineering)

Hilary term 2001

  • Wednesday 31st January
    "A wave model of fluid dispersion in beds of particles"
    KR Westerterp (University of Twente, The Netherlands)

Michaelmas term 2000

  • Tuesday 10th October
    "Introduction of CO Kinetics into an Engine Simulation Model."
    RR Raine (University of Auckland, New Zealand, Department of Mechanical Engineering)
  • Tuesday 24th October
    "Boiling Heat Transfer in Highly Compact Heat Exchangers."
    BS Haynes (University of Sydney, Australia, Department of Chemical Engineering)
  • Tuesday 31st October at 2.30 pm
    "The implications and challenges of enhanced heat transfer for the chemical process industry"
    Art E Bergles (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, and University of Maryland, MD)
  • Tuesday 7th November
    "Engineering problems of cyclohexane oxidation."
    R Pohorecki (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)
  • Tuesday 21st November
    "Optimal molecular design: group contribution techniques and beyond."
    C Adjiman (Imperial College London, Centre for Process Systems Engineering)

Hilary term 2000

  • Tuesday 18th January
    "Zirconia Fuel Cells, and Ceramics"
    Professor Kevin Kendall FRS (University of Keele, Department of Chemistry)
  • Tuesday 1st February
    "Engineering polymer films"
    Kieran.Looney (Du Pont plc, Wilton)
  • Tuesday 15th February
    "Explosion and Detonation in Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacture"
    Dr Martin Braithwaite (ICI Technology, Wilton)
  • Tuesday 29th February
    "Plasmid DNA purification - the effect of the engineering flow environment"
    Dr Parvis Shamlou (University College, London, Department of Biochemical Engineering)

Michaelmas term 1999

  • Tuesday 12th October
    "Tissue engineering"
    ZF Cui (University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science)
  • Tuesday 26th October
    "Safe disposal of nuclear waste - scientific and engineering issues."
    I Neretnieks (Royal Institute of Technology, Stokholm)
  • Tuesday 9th November
    "Oestrogens in the water? A murky tale of steroids and sewage sludge"
    A Johnson (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallingford)
  • Tuesday 23rd November
    "Life cycle process design for more sustainable industrial operations"
    Dr Adisa Azapagic (Department of Chemical and Process Engineering University of Surrey)

Hilary term 1999

  • Tuesday 19th January
    "Supply Chains: design, optimisation and Control"
    Dr S Patell (ICI Technology, Wilton Centre)
  • Tuesday 2nd February
    "Nanocorrugated Membranes"
    Professor EL Cussler (University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, St Paul, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science Department)
  • Tuesday 16th February
    "Modelling Offshore Explosions using CFD"
    Dr RS Cant (University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering)
  • Tuesday 2nd March
    "Protein fractionation using ultrafiltration"
    Raja Ghosh (University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science)

Michaelmas term 1998

  • Tuesday 13th October
    "Sustainable Energy"
    R Booth (University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science)
  • Tuesday 27th October
    "Protein Damage in Foam"
    JR Clarkson (University of Oxford, Department of Engineering Science)
  • Tuesday 10th November
    "Biological processes to treat contaminated gases"
    R Ambrose (IBS Viridian)
  • Tuesday 24th November
    "Advances in methane reforming catalysts for Syngas production"
    AP York (University of Oxford, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory)