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Zhanfeng Cui

Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering

Director, Oxford Centre for Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing

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        Prof Z. F. Cui
        Department of Engineering Science
        Oxford University, Parks Road
        Oxford OX1 3PJ, England.

        Fax: +44 1865 273905
        Tel: +44 1865 273118/273017

        Email: zhanfeng.cui@eng.ox.ac.uk




Who is Donald Pollock? Here is the biography:

Sir Donald (John) Pollock, Hon. Surgeon Commander, 1st Bt, cr 1939; O.B.E.; R.N.V.R; LL.D; D.L.; M.D. (distn); C.M. Edin.; Hon D.Sc. Oxon; F.R.S.Edin., born in 1868 and died in 1962. He studied Science in Glasgow University and Medicine at Edinburgh University. He was the Personal Physician and General Advisor to the late Duke of Leinster (1907-26). He was Hon. Colonel Royal Army Ordnance Corps (1939) and Hon. Wing Commander of Royal Air Force (1939). (Who Was Who, Vol VI 1961-1970, Adam and Charles Black, London 1972). He held many important positions including the Rector of Edinburgh University (1939-45) and Chairman or President of several large companies, noticeably he was Chairman and President of the British Oxygen Co. Ltd.

Sir Donald left funds to endorse a senior post (Readership) within the Department of Engineering Science. In 2000, the Chemical Engineering Chair was established with this endorsement and named after him.

Now about myself:

Like all academics, I do a bit of research, teaching and administration.  You can find some details on my research and teaching following the links.

Research is fun!  I have several lines to follow, largely depending on the individual's interest (DPhil/Ph.D students) and funding (Postdocs), either scientifically important or practically useful (at least I think so).  Basically I work on the interface areas between Chemical Engineering and life science and membrane technology. 

I run an open-lab policy and am willing to collaborate with people if synergy and complementary skills are present.  Within the group, I give maximum flexibility to my Postdocs and DPhil students to allow them flourishing and to be established, as they are amongst the best young researchers.

Teaching is enjoyable!  Lecturing and tutoring bright and young Oxford undergraduates certainly keeps brain working.  I also learned a lot from undergraduates when supervising their projects.

Administration is...well... good training!  I chair the Chemical Engineering Panel, which runs our IChemE Accredited Courses.  I am the Founding Director of the Oxford Centre for Tissue Engineering and Bioprocessing.  I serve the Research Councils as committee or panel members (BBSRC, EPSRC, MRC, CCLRC) for grant reviews, and sit in the Editoral Board of several relevant journals (Journal of Membrane Science, Food and Bioproduct Processing, Patents in Biotechnology, Patents in Engineering, China Particuology, Science (China), Chinese Journal of Antibiotics, Chinese Journal of Biomechanics, etc).  I also organise conferences now and then.

I am a Professorial Fellow of Hertford College, which has the famous bridge, and is right at the centre of Oxford. 

Internationally I collaborate with people in several countries, in particular, in China.  I helped to establish 'Dalian R&D Center for Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering' at Dalian University of Technology, Where I am a Chang-Jiang Visiting Professor.  I serve as an adviser to the newly established 'Centre for Biotechnology and Bioengineering' in China Petrolium university (Qingdao) and collaborate with Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science.

I hope you can find what you need.  If not, please email me.  Happy reading!


July. 2009