Dr Kinam Kim

Dr Kinam KimDr Kinam Kim is the President of the Semiconductor Memory Business, the flagship component business of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (SEC).

In his previous post, Dr Kim served as the president of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, the corporate R&D Centre for SEC, and CEO of Samsung Display Co. He joined SEC in 1981 and became one of the key men that led the successful development of DRAM and NAND Flash technologies, which have contributed to the growth of Samsung Electronics as a global company.

He is currently serving as Chair of the Korea Semiconductor Industry Association (KSIA) and the Korea Printed Electronics Association. He is also a member of the Board for the International Printed Electronics Association and previously served as Chair of the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA). He is a Vice-Chair of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST). Dr Kim is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), a Samsung Fellow, a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, and a Foreign Associate of the US National Academy of Engineering.

He received his BSc in Electronic Engineering from Seoul National University, and his MSc in Electrical Engineering from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). He obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 1994.