SOUE News (2001 - 2011)

The Society of Oxford University Engineers (the original name for Oxford Engineering Alumni) produced a newsletter called SOUE News between 2001 and 2013, containing articles written by alumni, reports on lectures, the Head of Department's annual summary etc. The first ten editions are available here in PDF form.

Issue 10 - Summer 2011
Includes: article on running your own business (Jim Hall); reports on 23rd Jenkin Lecture (Peter Raynes: Liquid Crystal Displays - Some Surprising Contributions From the UK) and 37th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Thomas Hofmann: Google - 1 Billion Searches a Day and Counting); lecture reports on volcanic ash and aero engines, the low-carbon future, digital health care and tidal stream energy; obituary of Gordon Lewis

Issue 9 - Summer 2010
Includes: articles on moving from engineering to meteorology (Debbie Clifford), the YASA electric motor (Tim Woolmer) and hydrogen-powered boats (Denis Gross); reports on 22nd Jenkin Lecture (Simon Watts: Airborne Surveillance Radar) and 36th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (David McKay: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air); lecture reports on machine learning for early warning systems and offshore pipelines; obituaries of John Coates and the Duke of Hamilton

Issue 8 - Summer 2009
Includes: articles on highway design (Colin Tyrrell), low-carbon vehicles (Colin Axon), Alexander Thom and megalithic astronomy (David Witt) and the turbine-driven boat Turbinia (David Witt); reports on 21st Jenkin Lecture (David Clarke: Control and the Coriolis Mass-Flow Meter) and 35th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (John Beddington: Science, Engineering and Technological Challenges for the 21st Century); lecture reports on petrol engines and oil production in the Gulf of Mexico; obituary of Rodney Parsons

Issue 7 - Summer 2008
Includes: articles on water (Nick Hankins), cancer treatment (Nick Hughes), tidal turbines (Ross McAdam), RoboDog (Simon Turner) and 100 years of engineering at Oxford (Alistair Borthwick); reports on 20th Jenkin Lecture (Sir Vivian Ramsey: Law and Engineering: Resolution of Technology Disputes), Centenary Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Lord Browne: On Being an Engineer) and Martin Oldfield's supprting lecture (Keep it Cool! 38 Years of Gas-Turbine Research); book reviews by Rod Smith and David Witt

Issue 6 - Summer 2007
Includes: articles on corrosion (Peter Meanley), nuclear power (Andy Pyle) and cryogenic compressors (Paul Bailey); reports on 19th Jenkin Lecture (Rod Smith: Railways: The Technical Challenges of their Renaissance), 33rd Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Sir Martin Wood: The Entrepreneurial Bug) and lectures on jet engines and plastics; obituaries of Herby Sixsmith, Leslie Woods, David Dew-Hughes, Sir Gareth Roberts; photo of the Thom building near the end of its construction

Issue 5 - Summer 2006
Includes: articles on submarine cables (Lynsey Thomas) and the Oxford-Princeton engineering exchange (Alistair Hann); reports on 18th Jenkin Lecture (John Coates: Some Engineering Concepts applied to Ancient Greek Trireme Warships) and 32nd Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Warren East: The Semiconductor Industry: Making Business and Technology Innovation Work); obituary of Joe Todd

Issue 4 - Summer 2005
Includes: articles on the Lower Yellow River (Alistair Borthwick), John Wallis and the Sheldonian roof (Paul Taylor) and mobile robotics (Paul Newman); reports on 17th Jenkin Lecture (David Kenning: Bubbles) and 31st Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Robin Batterham: Less Incrementalism and More Breakthroughs)

Issue 3 - Summer 2004
Includes: articles on chemical engineering (Colin Snowdon), the engineering school in the 1930s (Douglas Henchley) and pedal-powered boats (David Witt); report on 16th Jenkin Lecture (Paul Martins: Oil Production: from Nitroglycerine to Fibre-optics); obituaries of Ted Paige, David Spence, Stuart Wilson

Issue 2 - Summer 2003
Includes: articles on Spyfish (Jeremy Cooper), Disconnected Jottings (Alan Knight); reports on 15th Jenkin Lecture (Martyn Hurst: Engineering, Management and Aircraft) and 28th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Tony Fitzpatrick: In pursuit of creative synergy - from the Sydney Opera House to the London Millennium Bridge); lecture reports on ultra-fast electronics, I.C. engine combustion, hypersonics at Osney, earthquakes and turbomachinery

Issue 1 - Autumn 2001
Includes: lecture reports on the musculoskeletal system and impact engineering; obituary of Peter Whalley

Issue 11 of SOUE News (Summer 2013) was not produced as an actual newsletter, and hence does not current exist in PDF form; for the time being it remains available on the old SOUE web site.
Includes: article on CPD courses in engineering (Will Moore); reports on 24th Jenkin Lecture (Andrew Garrad: Wind Energy and its Part in Electricity Generation in the Future), 25th Jenkin Lecture (Frank Chapman: Flight-Testing the A380 - from First Flight to Certification) and 38th Maurice Lubbock Memorial Lecture (Howard Shiplee: LONDON 2012 - Engineering Success), lecture reports on live stereoscopic 3D production and learning with robots; obituary of Douglas Henchley