Jenkin Lecture 2011

The 24th Jenkin Lecture in 2011 was given by Andrew Garrad (New College, 1972), founder and managing director of windpower consultants Garrad Hassan, on "Wind energy and its part in electricity generation in the future". The lecture covered the technology, market and politics involved with wind power

The lecture covered three aspects of wind energy: the technology, the market and the politics. A brief historical review was followed by some examples of the engineering challenges which have been overcome to create the world's largest rotating machines. The energy potential was illustrated, both on- and offshore, and some of the issues of large scale integration were discussed. A short look into the future was provided: in particular, a view of how the difference between offshore and onshore constraints will shape the developments of turbines and wind farms. Finally there was an overview of the impact of the new Far Eastern market and supply chain and some comments on the politics of wind energy.

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The Jenkin Lecture was supported by two talks, given by alumni:

  • Sarah Witt (Queen's College, 1991) on "Avoiding headaches in live stereoscopic TV production"
  • Mark Doswell (Trinity College, 1969) on "First steps in learning with robots"

Accounts of these lectures are available at